Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Obviously Stressed Me Out

First off I hope everyone enjoyed Turkey Day with family and friends. Like every American, I love the traditional Turkey dinner with sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce, but I was also invited to my friend Katie's house, who is of Vietnamese decent. Her mom cooked us an incredible meal with authentic Vietnamese food, including some great crab. A very interesting mix of tastes throughout the day. Then it got interesting.....

After dinner Katie had her Mother perform a traditional Vietnamese therapy on me called Cao Gio (the Chinese call it Gua Sha). Now I usually don't let people try to bruise me with coins but she seduced me through wine so I was all in. She used a balm oil and a quarter and began scraping my back along my spine and ribs. It is believed to break apart the capillaries to increase the white blood cell count, which helps with healing and stress. It is used for fevers, colds, injuries, headaches, and multiple other conditions. After seeing how red my back was I think I might be a little more stressed than I thought.

Watch the video below, there's a crazy story at the end she tells about how parents were thrown in jail because teachers thought they were beating their kids when it was just Cao Gio treatment.

Good fun though on Thanksgiving!
Here's a before and after picture. It has died down a little since yesterday

Right after she started on my spine-----> After

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