Friday, November 12, 2010

Sports Photography and Jakes New Show

This past week I gave my blog a little makeover as you can see. While looking through templates and photo's I remembered a photo shoot that my friend Cole Barash did a while back for his Blog call "Sports Silho." Cole is an incredibly skilled photographer. He got his start shooting local snowboarders in Vermont and since has worked for Nike, Rolling Stone, and every big snowboarding magazine out there. Here are a couple of his pictures from that shoot but check out his blog to see some great photography.

He captured movement with a different eye and style than from what I've seen. It gives me the feel of being in that mindset where you can block out all distractions and focus the task at hand.

More Pics at his Blog.

Before you go, my friend, Jake Blauvelt, has a short series of episodes coming out on Fuel TV called "Blauvelts Backcountry," that airs on November 17th (I think). Watch the teaser below, it speaks for itself. Jake constantly progresses himself and his riding to new levels.

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