Thursday, September 23, 2010

Some Wisdom and Inspiration

So I have committed to writing more on this blog and posting something once a week. This week I just wanted to share some videos that really make me focus and appreciate what I have.

The first one is a compilation of interviews with Will Smith, aka Fresh Prince (top 3 greatest TV shows ever). Now at first you might laugh in your head and say what the hell can Men In Black teach me about life, but just listen to the way he approaches his life and career.

The second video just makes you appreciate what you have and how much we complain about our laziness. Macy McMillin has cerebral palsy and gets after it in the gym! So next time your complaining about how tired you are from work and life, throw this on and see how you feel after. Get rid of your excuses you make for yourself and just get it done! Also a lot of respect goes to the trainer Jay Glaze who obviously has a tremendous passion to help people as he has thought of some great ways to challenge Macy. We need more soldiers like him.

The last video is one of my favorite stories. If you're a basketball fan you've definitely heard this story of Jason McElwain. If you have seen it then watch it again, it gives me goosebumps every time I put it on. Such a great story of how sports positively improves peoples lives everyday.

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