Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fitness Panel

Last night I was apart of a fitness panel for Beverly Hosford's Mesa College's Fitness Specialist Certificate Program. Bev was my instructor for "Leading Group Aerobics" at SDSU, which was a class I thought I would blow off at first but ended loving it because Bev taught me how to teach. The panel consisted of myself and 5 other women in the field who represented different areas in the industry and all had a different story and point of view. The one common thing I saw between the 6 of us was that we all had a tremendous passion, worked our butts off and believed building relationships is #1. So many times in the fitness industry people argue over what the right way to do something is but in the end if you don't make a connection with people, your knowledge is just information trapped inside your head. I suggest reading a book by Dale Carnegie called "How to win friends and influence people." It has a corny title but Dale Carnegie was an amazing business man and wrote this in the 1930's and the information feels like it was written this year. Its a short read and reminds you of things you should work on constantly that will make you a more well rounded person.


  1. Casey,

    Dale Carnegie's book is one of the best books I have ever read.
    I'd like to get you on Mira Costa College panel as well!

    Roll on

    Mike Keller