Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fedex Day Take 2

I recently had one of Sports Performance classes go through another Fedex Day (click on the link if you aren't familiar).

13 athletes, 8 boys and 5 girls, all were freshman in high school.  Mainly multi-sport athletes that play basketball, soccer, and lacrosse. They had 1 hour to do whatever they wanted in a weight room, as long as they're exercising, they included a warm-up, and wrote down an overall reasoning for the exercises. 

What I thought was a positive:
-My favorite was that all the girls did farmer's carries.
-No sit-ups were done for core.
-A relative good mix between upper and lower body- improvement on the past
-A lot of TRX rows and pull ups were performed
-They were asking questions about certain goals and what exercises will help improve them
-Everyone was smiling and laughing
-Many wanted to try a new exercise or make up a matrix for something else (we do a lot of matrices)

Things I think need improvement
-No one did an olympic lift or big power exercise.  Only a couple did box jumps and jumping exercises.
-I would have liked to see more boys do leg exercises
-Lower posterior chain work was absent.
-Very little Single leg work

What do I do from here?  Evaluate how I am coaching the "needs improvement" side and see if by next trimester the kids value olympic lifts, lower body posterior chain work and a lot more single leg work. 

I highly suggest you try this to see how your athletes value what you are teaching them.  It also is fun for them to have some time to just try things out and experiment while your there to keep them safe.

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