Monday, October 17, 2011

Self Discovery in Training and Athletics

I sometimes wonder why I've fallen in love with sports and training.  What I've come up with is simple, self discovery.  Its a method to consistently challenge my body and mind on a daily basis. 

In today's technology advanced world, you can indirectly experience whatever you want through a YouTube video.  However, that indirect experience can only create a false sense of awareness.  Where we truly grow our body and mind is when we put our frame in the actual experience. I get this feeling pushing myself in a weight room, on a basketball court, or starting a new skill.  There is no iPhone app that can simulate this feeling.  Taking something you once struggled with and owning it.  Being completely in the moment, to the point where time seems irrelevant.  This self discovery takes you to places you never thought possible. 

Who said humans can't fly?

The ability to push our bodies to adapt is a beautiful process that all people should not take for granted.  This is something I worry that kids in our technology age won't get the chance to experience because of our lack of physical culture.  We now favor classes teaching kids how to use a computer rather than how to use their body.  Experience is our greatest teacher, but experience must be first hand for true learning to take place. 

You only get one body in this life time.  I dare you to really see what it can do.  I also challenge you to pay it forward by creating environments for our youth to enjoy these experiences.

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