Saturday, August 6, 2011

Hierarchy of Questions for Athletes with Nagging Injuries

I wrote this article back in March after a discussion on It will be posted on this week but wanted those who don't have the membership to be able to read it as well.

Mike Boyle inspired me to write this article not only to share good information but more to have the right questions to ask and also the right hierarchy of needs for athletes with certain nagging injuries. Coach Boyle recently talked about too much emphasis on the Functional Movement Screen being the answer for everything. While it should be apart of the evaluation process, there are other factors to consider.

1. Workout Program

A) Is it your program they’ve been training with consistently?

a) If this a reoccurring injury you’ve seen with numerous athletes in your program?

-If yes, you need to look at your program and what needs to be changed.

-If not than move onto #2

B) Were they working out with someone else before they came to you?

a) Yes- Overlook program and see changes that need to be addressed.

b) No. Move to #2

2. Extra Work

A) In-season with a coach

a) Do they perform an absurd amount of conditioning/extra running?

-If yes, good luck. You don’t want to step on shoes but you want to help the athlete. Making connection with coach and educating is your best bet but is not always easy to do.

-If no, go to B.

B) Self induced extra running/workouts

a) Do they “run” or over train to an unhealthy extent?

-If yes, try to eliminate extra work by educating athlete and show them how jogging and too much training leads to these types of injuries.

-If no, go to 3 or 4.

C) Do they jog?

-If yes, than look at either eliminating or helping them jog properly. Also go to ¾

3. Nutrition (not always needed but could be a factor with certain injuries)

A) Have the filled out a proper nutrition log, and have an adequate diet?

- If yes, and they were truthful than go to 4.

-If no, than look for changes in their diet than can be made, especially in regards to water, lean protein, vegetables, and fruit. Still go on to #4

4. FMS (some could argue this goes first and others last. Either way if you have the time I would FMS them anyway)

A) Do they have a score below 14, asymmetries or pain?

-If Yes, than either refer out or use correctives.

-If no, refer out or go back to #1 because they probably are lying.

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