Friday, July 15, 2011

Agility Game: Mirror Drill 2 for 1

This agility game has quickly become one of my favorites. The mirror drill has always been popular, especially with basketball coaches. However, a lot of the time the players become bored with just staying in front for 10 seconds without an objective. This past winter I was working with a semi pro basketball team and challenged them to this version. The leader/offense tries to get two feet outside of the paint before the mirror/defender can touch one foot. I time them for 10 seconds to see how many times they can achieve the 2 for 1. We then rest and switch leaders and mirrors.

It turned out to be much more competitive and players were moving much faster. I use this now with my athletes in the summer and has been a staple agility drill. Over the past couple weeks they have become much more disciplined about staying low and in a tunnel (thanks Lee Taft). It's great to see them taking the concepts and applying them to a reaction stimulus.

Here's a couple videos of one of my small groups having some fun with it this past summer.


  1. Awesome - Thanks for sharing! And the video was a fantastic addition to see what you were explaining.

  2. Thanks Scott! Glad you liked the videos.

  3. Hey Coach,
    Great web site, I appreciate the videos. Do you ever use "agility belts" in your training. I am starting to use them but I am limited to activities I do with them.

    Any ideas?


  4. Albert,

    I do use them at times. It's a great visual for the kids to focus on the hips and how they move. At one point I want to get them off of the agility belts and react like it were a game. I like the ones from Sklz but wish the belts were shorter.

    I think they are a great tool but I wouldn't use them all the time.

    Hope that helps!