Sunday, July 18, 2010

Observation of a Friend

This past weekend I had a chance to relax in Bellingham, Washington with a couple good friends, Kristin and Jake. I got a break from the city and it felt refreshing to jump in a river, go hiking, and be in the mountains for a couple days. Jake is a professional snowboarder and naturally I love talking to him about what he does for a training program, how he takes care of his body, and his overall mental attitude toward the sport and his career.

The snowboard world isn't known for there heavy training regimes and hitting the weights like football or baseball players do, but Jake has been very proactive in finding a good training program that will keep him healthy and improve his riding. While visiting, he was picking my brain for ways to stay healthy and also showing me what exercises he already does. Jake's business is his body, and he realizes that he has to take care out of it if he wants a long and productive career. Eating right, staying strong and in shape, and maintaining the right focus is all something that he improves day to day. He has committed to constantly getting himself better everyday instead of trying to find the newest fad that might be a quick fix. As Zig Ziglar said, "The elevator to success is out of order but the stairs are always open."

This commitment is also evident in his business success. He is always looking for something a little better and is committed to progressing his riding to the next level. This relentless mentality led him to get a small series on Fuel TV that will air this winter. He also has his own board, and outerwear series that will also come out this fall. This has come from years of hardwork and a passion and love for what he does. He sets goals and works until its his. I also have noticed he has put very good people around him and rides with guys that will push and improve his riding.

If you look at the really successful athletes, business men, or people in general, you will see a similar trend to Jake's mentality. They work at their craft everyday, and constantly progress. There are no shortcuts, no quick fixes, and no secret devices that made them what they are. It's a mentality that everyone can get into, but you need to be willing to put in the work. No excuses, write down your a goal and go get it!

Oh yeah, if you talk to Kristin (one of my best friends and his high school sweetheart) shes probably responsible for it all.

Heres a couple videos, 1. of jake doing a awesome gainer off a 25 ft cliff, and next is me trying to be acrobatic off a rope swing.

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